Photo Credit: The Meridian Speedway

#1 – Start Your Engines!

The Meridian Speedway is the Treasure Valley’s only professional race track. Independently owned and operated since 1951, the Speedway is one of just four asphalt racetracks in Idaho.  Sanctioned by the American Speed Association and by the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR), more than 350 racers compete at the Speedway on a given year. Its a hot, noisy, amazing experience for the family. You really can’t call yourself a Meridian resident if you haven’t spent a night at the races!

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#2 – Best Eats You’ll Find Only in Meridian!

Excellent restaurants abound in Meridian. And you can discover something delicious for nearly every taste. But a few eating establishments are unique to our little city.

Epi’s A Basque Restaurant
Walk into the tightly packed dining space and you are welcomed by the warmest hug! When dining at Epi’s, you are immediately family. Epi’s serves traditional Basque and family recipes. There are rumors that Epi’s may close their doors soon, so don’t delay, call and make your reservation. Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

Kahoots Steak & Ale House
A Meridian date-night treat! The locally owned restaurant prides itself on serving the freshest food – NO FRYERS ALLOWED! My wife and I recently celebrated her birthday at Kahoots and were treated to exceptional service and one of the best steaks I’ve had in a long time. If you’ve not yet been to Kahoots, I urge you to stop in for lunch or dinner, located in downtown Meridian on Main St. and Fairview.


#3 – Parks, Parks, and MORE Parks!

The Meridian Parks and Recreation Department’s mission is to enhance the community’s quality of life by providing innovatively designed parks, connected pathways, and diverse recreational opportunities for all citizens. And if green space is a success indicator, the department is earning an A+! Meridian Parks manages 20 community parks including spaces with splash pads, soccer fields, dog parks and even an outdoor amphitheater. During the summer, the parks are packed with families and recreation enthusiasts. I challenge you to visit all 20 parks before September 1.

#4 Population BOOM!

Okay, maybe it’s not a “locals only” secret, the world seems to have caught on that Meridian is an awesome place to live. BUT, the BOOM! is noteworthy. I grew up in west Boise, just on the border of Meridian. Even in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s Meridian was considered a tiny town of farms and dairies. Once a community of 20,000, Meridian is quickly approaching 100,000 residents and is the fastest growing community in the state! And we locals know why…

Click here to read the Idaho Business Review’s April 2018 article Meridian likely to be fastest-growing city in U.S.


#5 Meridian’s Moment in the Spotlight

Back in the mid 1980’s, Clint Eastwood made a little film called “Bronco Billy” that featured several downtown Meridian businesses, including the Meridian Speedway. The film also offered roles for hundreds of local residents.  If you’re new to Meridian, check out “Bronco Billy” and see if you can spot some local attractions.

Click here to read an Idaho Press Tribune November, 2015 article about the film project