Eight in 10 adults agree that buying a home is the best long-term investment a person can make. That is according to a recent nationwide Pew Research Center survey, demonstrating the value that Americans continue to place on home ownership.

To help potential home buyers realize their dream of owning a home, the Idaho Smart Agents REALTORS are participating in the Realtor® Nationwide Open House Weekend on June 4-5. During that weekend Realtors® across the country will hold open houses from coast to coast, aiming to focus attention on the benefits of home ownership to families, communities and the economy.

A strong majority of renters surveyed in the Pew Research Center study – 81 percent – said they would prefer to one day buy a home. In addition, respondents rated being able to own a home as the top long-term financial goal followed by being able to live comfortably in retirement, pay for a child’s college education, and leave inheritance for children.

Realtors® will hold open houses in various local neighborhoods throughout Boise this weekend to provide guidance and insights into the social and financial benefits of home ownership. They can also answer questions about the local housing market and the home buying and selling process.

“Realtors® are leading advocates for home ownership, through this nationwide event we will not only educate the public on the value of owning a home, but also help those who are striving to become home owners take steps toward achieving their goals.”