Organized OfficeWith the beginning of a new year comes a new resolution…or two.  If your tired of the boring old lose weight, get in shape, spend more time in the gym or eat better maybe you can try this one on for size.  Get rid of the clutter.  This year I am taking the challenge to organize my life and I’m starting first of all with my office, the place I spend the largest portion of my day. Although it can be verwhelming I have found a few resources to help take some of the stress out of it and even make it a game.   Becoming Minimalist has a great article talking about 10 simple ways to declutter your home.  One of my favorites is the 12-12-12 rule

 A simple task of locating 12 items to throw away, 12 items to donate, and 12 items to be returned to their proper home can be a really fun and exciting way to quickly organize 36 things in your house. On more than one occasion, this challenge actually became a quick competition between my wife and I… and your kids don’t have to be too old to participate as well.

Another great article by Dierdre Sullivan provides some great answers about what to do with all of the Stuff  you end up with after decluttering.  She even provides a great tip about, a website for getting rid of your old technology floating around the house.  Whether your selling your home and need to get it “show ready” or are simply like me and want to get the clutter out of your lives these simple tips will help you get it done.