Build Your New HomeBuying a new home is exciting. You get to build your dream from the ground up, choosing your lot, your model, interior finishes and upgrades. But like any home purchase, buying new construction is serious business, an expensive transaction with many financial implications.

I’ve put together a short list of some of my top reasons you should consider hiring your own representation before you even step foot into a builders sales office.  It will cost you nothing and could save you thousands.

The Pros of Hiring a Realtor…

  • Buyers representation is FREE. It’s totally free of charge to you to hire an agent to represent you in the purchasing/buying process, whether you are looking at new construction or an existing home. The seller pays the fee.
  • A licensed Real Estate Agent is a professional and is educated in all areas of the real estate transaction.
  • In new home construction, the site agent represents the builders’ interests and the builder’s interest only…their loyalties are with the builder, not the consumer. Bringing your own realtor will give full representation for YOU. Shouldn’t you have independent representation?
  • An agent representing you can and will ask questions prior to signing the purchase agreement that you wouldn’t think to ask…inclusions, upgrades, land surveying, design, neighborhood amenities and bylaws, etc. The model home you’re basing your purchase on doesn’t always list the hidden fees or non-inclusions. Budgets can and will escalate out of control without proper oversight.
  • Paperwork. Hiring an agent also gives you the peace of mind when dealing with the stacks of legal forms and documents that are set in front of you to sign both at time of purchase agreement and at closing. An agent is your exclusive advocate and will help you understand your contract and obligations including when to schedule construction inspections.
  • The process of buying is complex involving hiring inspectors, negotiating price, repairs, inclusions, etc., working with appraisers, setting up the closing and recommendation of mortgage brokers.
  • An agent might find a property available that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to seeing right away. When you give us your list of wants and needs, we work with you to find the perfect home.
  • The agent will know market values of comparable homes in the area, this is crucial to a final purchase price and keeping budgets within market value.
  • An agent has knowledge of real estate law and real estate community when things go awry…which they often do.
    Realtors are professionals who will represent YOU, and when you hire a really good realtor, they will work hard to ensure your overall experience and final result is the best it can be. We work for you, and want you to be happy.

Have you been thinking about a new home?  Before you go any further make sure you have a professional in your corner. put to work my 15 years experience in representing clients when working with many of the valleys builders.

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