Our great little town keeps appearing more and more often on everyones top ten lists from Forbes to Outside for things like best places to invest in real estate down to best college football field.  keep coming back here to stay up to date on the latest top lists we show up on.


#11, The 35 Best U.S. Cities for People 35 and Under

Vocativ | December 2014

#3 Most Charitable State
WalletHub | December 2014

Best Under-The-Radar Destinations of 2015
Huffington Post | November 2014
“Boise is known as the best-kept secret in the West for a reason: This former military outpost along the Oregon Trail is a haven of unbeatable hiking, skiing, rafting and mountain biking. Boise proper has a handful of wineries, but it’s worth the 40-mile drive into Snake River Valley, where life is officially complete upon drinking the 2010 Late Harvest Riesling.”

#1 Best College Football Field
USA Today | October 2014

Top 10 Happiest States
WalletHub | September 2014

#5 “Most Fair State Tax Systems” (Idaho)
WalletHub | September 2014

Top 10 Best Places to Live | September 2014

Top 10 Best “Big Cities for Active Families”
Outside Magazine | 2014
“Set in the Northern Rockies with more than 4,300 acres of open space, a whitewater park, and a ski area just outside of town, Boise is a place you move to for outdoor fun.”

Top 10 Places You Should “Dare to Go” on Your Global Adventure
CNN | May 2014

#1 Best “Under the Radar Tech Hub”
Sparefoot | May 2014

#1 Best City for Kids | May 2014

#7 Best City in America – “Livability”
AreaVibes | May 2014

Fourth-Highest Percentage of Residents Who Bike to Work
U.S. Census Bureau | 2014

#7 Best Place to Raise a Family
Forbes | April 2014

#1 Lowest Cost of Doing Business in the Pacific U.S.
KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives 2014

Top 10 Cities to earn Coffee Bragging Rights
Bustle | April 2014
“With nearly 150 coffee shops, many of them artisanal enough to hang with the big boys in Portland and S.F., this quaint and unassuming-seeming city engages in “Treat. Yo. Self”-level indulgence when it comes to coffee.”

#1 Best City to Move to in 2014
SML | March 2014

#1 Region “Getting it Right”
TIME Magazine | March 17, 2014
“Idaho’s capital has become a techy boomtown with a thriving cultural scene.”

#10 Best Place to Invest in Housing 2014
Forbes | February 2014

Top 24 Best Places to Live & Work 2014
Sunset Magazine | February 2014

Top 25 Best Places to Retire in 2014
Forbes | January 2014