It's a staycation!So, I’m pretty sure my father invented the “staycation”.

As a little boy we had plans to head out on a great adventure. Just before we were supposed to leave town his out of state clients (He was and still is a Real Estate Broker) decided to make a quick trip to Boise to look at houses. The plan was ruined!

Instead of blowing off the entire trip we packed up the car and rented a room at the Holiday Inn by the airport. They had the coolest indoor swimming pool, and cable TV. We were in heaven and I’m pretty sure my dad even sold a house. It was the perfect compromise and the birth of the staycation… at least in my world.

With spring break around the corner we thought what better than to share our favorite “staycation” activities when in the city of trees.


  1. Stay in town, but rent an Airbnb. You would be surprised by the cool, affordable options there are out there. For example this great Mid-century Modern in the North-end with an amazing looking pool.

  2.  Get a little Education at the Discovery Center. While not on the same scale as places like OMSI, the fun factor is still way up there. With rotating events and activities like Science Myths Busted.

  3. Grab Dinner downtown. When we are looking for a great meal the downtown dining scene can’t be beat. A few of my personal favorites are Saint Lawrence Gridiron (Crazy good Poutine), The Dish (Can’t go wrong with Beef Cheeks), or Fork (Hit them up tuesday night for the Chicken and Waffles but don’t go too late because when they are gone, they’re gone)

  4. Catch a movie. looking for an independent film at the flicks, the latest blockbuster at Edwards or a special release or premier at the historic Egyptian theater? I don’t know why but watching a movie in a downtown theater is always just a little more exciting.

  5. Take a rejuvenating soak in The Springs – Hot Spring Resort. Take a short drive north and you will find Idaho City. As a kid I used to love to go up to the public hot spring and swim for hours. It was shut down for a few years but now under new ownership and rebranded as a Hot Springs retreat you will get a much needed break from the daily grind.