Trend predicting is an art, not a science. Designers don’t use crystals balls (except sometimes as décor), and those tarot cards would be put to better use as an unusual addition to your gallery wall.

But that doesn’t mean designers can’t guess. With help from we have identified five trends whose time has (almost) come.

  1. Mismatched material
    • You probably already know that flat, all-white cabinets are all the rage right now. But what comes next?  Mismatching can be daring and often makes people nervous at the start of a project. But when executed correctly, it adds immediate interest to any space
  2. Statement light fixtures
    • You can have the most simple space, but if you put an amazing light fixture in it, you automatically boost the room’s atmosphere and presence.
  3. Warm metals
    • Particularly effective in the bathroom and kitchen space, rose gold, brass, copper and gold will continue to dominate in 2016.
  4. Hexagon tiles
    • Graphic tiles, like hexagons make a big statement. Whether you go small or big, this hive-inspired shape just borders on quirky without being annoying. Small strips of hexagonal marble make a classy backsplash, and large tiles in the bathroom are just exotic enough to impress.
  5. Blonde wood
    • Hair color isn’t the only thing getting lightened up. After years of dark, heavy wood Americans are now following Scandinavian design. Blond wood mixes perfectly with metallics, grays, and whites, and it takes well to your favorite pops of color. But you’ll want to use it sparingly—you don’t want your home to feel like an overstuffed Ikea showroom.